Do I need to buy 2 Hub Protect subscriptions to migrate from c-5 to c-7?

I would like to migrate from C-5 to C-7 using Hub Protect to move all my device and automation data from C-5 to C-7.

Do I need to purchase 2 Hub Protect subscriptions (one on the C-5 and one on the C-7)?

The Hub Protect on the C-5 would only be used one time for the migration.

Ooops .. I completely misread which model you were going to. Never mind.

You'd need Hub Protect for the migration; the free cloud option is only available for migration to a C-8 (not C-7). The C-5 will probably let you make the free cloud backup and have it be available on any hub with Hub Protect, even if it's not a C-8 (though that is the case where it will let you restore it without a subscription). So, you probably won't need it on the C-5. But even if you do, you can transfer your subscription so would not need to purchase one for each hub.

I have been able to do a cloud backup from my C5 without a subscription.

When I click "Transfer Subscription" on my C-5 hub,
I'm prompted: "Transferring Hub Protect subscription will PERMANENTLY erase ALL cloud backups. Once erased, cloud backups are NOT recoverable by anyone. "

So, how can I use Hub Protect to migrate from C-5 to C-7 without 2 Hub Protect subscriptions?

Should I do this?:

  1. transfer my subscription from my C-5 to my C-7 (which will erase my C-5 cloud backup)
  2. do another cloud backup on my C-5 (assuming I can do this without a Hub Protect subscription on my C-5.)
  3. do the migration using the subscription on my C-7

Didn't know that was a thing. :thinking:

But since you can make a cloud backup on any earlier model (with some caveats) for C-8 migration and I think that backup is available via Hub Protect on any hub, regardless of origin, I still think you could get by with having it only on the new one.

I think your plan would work.

[EDIT: I forgot that Hub Protect backups can actually be restored to any hub registered to the same account, with or without Hub Protect -- though you'll need to hit the "Show all backups" link to see them if you don't have it. So, it should work with Hub Protect on the C-5 until you're ready to transfer it to the C-7 -- say, once you know everything works -- if nothing else.]

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That may not work. An easier way to do it, is take a C-5 cloud backup, then go to C-7 and migrate, then transfer the subscription from C-5 to C-7.


Can I migrate without a Hub Protect subscription on the C-7 ?

AFAIK, yes. You do not need a Hub Protect subscription to restore a cloud backup. You need one to make a cloud backup. So taking the approach that @bobbyD recommended should work.

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Yes, the purpose of Hub Protect is to safeguard your existing data, so you can be able to continue uninterrupted. The recently added transfer feature ensures that you have continuity in Hub Protect service too.

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My original plan was as bobbyD recommends, but I did not see how to do it. I assumed I needed a H.P. subscription on the C-7. I'll circle back (later today) and try the bobbyD approach.

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The method recommended by bobbyD worked.


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