Do I need a different account for additional mobile device?

I need some help, I emailed support but have not received an answer yet.

I made a hubitat account for my wife after reading some posts here. It is for the purpose of adding her phone to the hub so I can use it for presence mostly. The post I read said to make an account in her name, then add it to my account. The only problem is, when I go to the account page the only thing it will let me do is create a new account in her name, not seeing any option to add her existing account to mine.

I think hers needs to be deleted so I can create it from my portal, OR hubitat admins need to add it to mine. I can not delete her account myself nor add it to mine. I am stuck! Am I missing something?


When you go to and click create new account, it should then back under hubitat settings allow you to set what type account it is on that hub. That said, you can have her log in under your main account with her phone and it will automatically create her own notification device.

Enabling additional mobile devices for the purpose of using them as presence sensors, does not require an additional account. Simply install the Hubitat Mobile app on additional mobile devices and create a new device when prompted during app set-up. This will add a new mobile device to your hub that is capable of receiving push notifications, as well as individual presence sensing.

With that being said, please send me a PM, along with your admin account email and guest email and I'd be more than glad to remove the additional account.

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Sweet, I will do that

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