Do external dongles work?


MicroUSB to USB:

in addition to the internal radios, if i added a dongle using a micro-usb to usb adapter (like above), would that be able to detect devices and include it into HE? i would have a splitter (also above) to provide power, but was curious to if anyone has tried this

I think adding a usb radio disables the respective onboard radio.


That is my understanding too.

You might be able to just use the hub for power if you got a USB power only adapter. But that would be pretty silly to have that adapter sitting there. To use the stick for inclusion, you need it plugged into a computer with Zwave controller software.

So this is probably not going to work like you want it to.

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What mode of hub do you have? The C-7 does not support external Z-Wave. I don't think it supports external Zigbee either, but I don't think I've seen confirmation that either way (and haven't tried myself). On a C-5, the above is correct: if you add external radio(s), the corresponding internal radios will be disabled in favor of the external one. If you did want to do this, you can get that all in a single cable instead of two different ones, like this: (the second cable you linked to above wouldn't do anything on its own since you'd have no way to power the hub, which I'm assuming is why you linked to two).

To address the other part of your question: are you asking if Hubitat will recognize devices that were already paired to a Z-Wave stick if you did something like the above? That would be a no, or at least it hasn't worked like that since the very early days of firmware 1.x. It's also a no for Zigbee, though in that case because there isn't an data on the stick about the devices (that's all on the hub).

So, as you'll often get asked on this forum, if you have a specific goal in mind with this approach, maybe someone can suggest an alternative. :slight_smile: Otherwise, I agree with the above that this is unlikely to work as you expect (or work at all on a C-7).


To address the questions, it would be to connect my WyzeSense bridge directly to the HE instead of using [RELEASE] Alpha WyzeSense Integration [Code no longer being updated]. I do currently have this on a C-5, and am not using the zigbee radio inside as my devices are z-wave.

In my case the devices are already on the bridge, I was just tired of having to use a separate (and no longer supported) integration to have the devices in HE.

I guess i'll just leave it as is. if it ain't broke don't fix it

This is an interesting idea, but it would have to be supported by Hubitat. I doubt they have any plans to do so, especially since Wyze seems to be in a bit of a transition phase with respect to their proprietary motion and contact sensors. The new Wyze Cam v3 cannot support the old Wyze Sense Bridge. Thus, something's going to have to change... :thinking: