Do Dashboards Consume Resources?

Working on memory issues and wondering if Dashboards have an impact on memory usage? I have 18 dashboards. Honestly we very rarely use Dashboards as I have focused on having things work automagically, rather than button presses. They are sometimes useful, but if they a consuming resources I could start getting rid of infrequently used ones. Any insight would be appreciated.


My very rough understanding would be that the thing that is likely to impact resources consumed on the HE hub is likely devices (phones, tablets, PC's, etc) having dashboards open on screen. I don't believe having dashboards defined but not open will consume resources.... But I could be wrong....

The one thing you don't want to do is expose every device to a dashboard. That will slow down rendering. Only expose what that particular dashboard is using. Beyond that, yeah, doesn't take up mem.

What does take up mem, rouge apps, spammy devices.

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I have 14 dashboards configured with 5 of them in use 24/7. The dashboard app count only for 0.023% of total and each individual dashboard dont even register (0.000% of total)