Do built in zwave drivers only work in the US?

I saw this today

“You seem to be located within Europe, therefore the built-in driver will not work. “

Are zwave device drivers really locked to the regional zwave frequencies, I would be surprised if they are.

No, they are not. At least not in any way I've seen.

That said, sometimes there are firmware differences in devices regionally that could impact how drivers work on a specific device/firmware combo.


I thought not :wink:

Worth checking though.

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The compatibility list shows whenever possible, the specific model compatible with the driver. Just as @JasonJoel points out, the firmware may alter compatibility, and some devices simply are not available in the US market, and vise versa.

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I don't know that specific device.

I guess I could be wrong. But as I'm in the US, but have written drivers for a few EU devices, I don't think it is wrong to say that drivers are not inherently regional as a blanket statement.

But could be wrong. Maybe I got lucky?

Because the firmware sets the frequency used?

In general yes, the device firmware sets the regional frequency.
All of that is abstracted out of the zwave protocol at the level the drivers are written to.
Meaing, the drivers are not frequency dependent.

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I don’t have schematics or code listings. It’s done with 700 series chips, could be done with the Aeotec design. I don’t know. However, the firmwares are offered by Z-Wave regions, and using wrong firmware bricks the device, so it’s what I strongly suspect.

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Dunno, if you have an EU version of this device it will probably work.
If there were differences, and we were given an EU version of the product, then there would be a dedicated driver for it...

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Does that explain why eu versions of cool cam power plug work with S0 or none and fails when any zwave plus security is enabled?

Probably not, s2 requires specific driver updates, which we usually don't do unless we have the relevent device in hand to test with.