Do a 3way between zooz dimmer and zooz zen32 button

hi all, first time here and new with hubitat. im struggling at pretty much everything with hubitat.
I added a few zooz dimmer and a zooz zen32 keypad in hubitat.

how can I create a 3 way between a zen32 keypad button (let say button 3) and a dimmer?

meaning, when I turn on the dimmer, the led on button 3 will lid up. if I press the button 3, it's led turns off as well as the dimmer. both the button 3 led and dimmer to stay in sync.


What command to you send to the Zen32 to get the button to light up? You could use the scene controller function of your Zooz dimmer and trap button presses instead of switch events if it's new enough V3 or greater I think.

I dont know how to get the button led to light up...

so far, the only thing I manage to do is a basic rule:
when I press button 3, the dimmer turns on. that's it.

I dont know how to press button 3 again for the dimmer to turn off.
and I dont know how to turn on or off the led on button 3.

I don't have the Zen32 so can't help with that sorry. The general idea though is to use "button" events on both devices - the switch and the Zen32.

Also recommend @jtp10181 's excellent Zooz Zen Switch Advanced drivers available using the Hubitat Package manager (or direct from Github).

Create a button controller. Use that as the device for rm or simple lighting to control

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I would suggest you use the community driver with my add-ons for indicator commands to be able to control the LED better. You might be able to code it in the button controller app, as they added some more advanced stuff recently. You will need the newest firmware from Zooz for the indicator commands to work properly.

Here is the post about the driver

And if you are not that familiar with gitHub here is a direct link to my patched driver:


Throwing my hat in the ring: I would split this logic into 2 (maybe 3) segments:

  1. Keeping the zooz dimmer and zen32 led in sync (on/off)
    1a. Dimmer on, zen32 setLed brightness 100
    1b. Dimmer off, zen32 setLed brightness 0
  2. Button press on the zen32 "toggles" the dimmer switch on/off.

thanks Dkilgore90,
newbe here. where do I use "setLed"

For this, you probably have to go straight to Rule Machine - where you can Run Custom Action. Within that dialog, you could select a matching capability, e.g. button, find your zen32 device, and call the setLED command. Make sure to add/specify all 3 parameters, button number (number), color (string), brightness (number)

machine rule, thanks, ill dig into this.
feels weird that I need to set drivers and apps to do something I did with 2 IF program with ISY
thanks, ill look into this

Many ways to accomplish this - things could be combined into fewer rules, with IF clauses - for the most part, in Hubitat, a higher number of "simple" rules will perform better than a few "complex" ones. I certainly wouldn't categorize what you're trying to accomplish as "complex" - but I have bought into the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) philosophy.

In Hubitat, everything is event-driven - you use an event as a trigger, and define an action (or set of actions) to be taken when that event occurs. Usually that action will end up generating another event... It can take some time to re-organize your brain to think in this manner, but it provides a lot of flexibility in what you can accomplish!

what format should this be for the parameter type?

The first parameter is a number (which button number do you want to set the led for?). Once you fill in that param, you'll get an option to "Add another parameter" - which will be a string (what color should the led be, white/green/blue/red), then add one more, a number, for the brightness (0/30/60/100)

ok, now were talking :slight_smile:
machine rules are so much easier... I didnt get way I needed drivers and apps and all those for something that should be simple.
here you go! simple and efficient!


Ii don't think it's so much easier, it's just different. Sometimes it's difficult for humans to change things they're used to... Once you do get used to it, and even like it, when something changes again you will be annoyed like you are Cycle of life...

Agree 100%. The bottom line is that Rule Machine is a very powerful tool, and can be quite intimidating for some users. The plethora of custom apps written by this community (and by some device manufacturers) abstract some of the "decisions" based on common use cases - but pretty much anything that can be done in an app, can be done in Rule Machine (it just might not be "pretty").

Drivers typically provide the interaction between Hubitat and the physical device - the suggestions of custom drivers are often aimed at exposing additional commands or capabilities that are not included in the built-in driver for a given device

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FYI the setLED command for the ZEN32 is setting a parameter to change the LED settings, which will cause the large button LED to flash every time it is changed.

If you want to do it without the flashing you need to use indicatorSet on my patched driver, which is the entire reason I implemented the indicator class commands. Only disadvantage is you cannot change the color with this, so if you want to change the color stick with setLED.