DMP Security with Zwave Module

Our home was built about 6 years ago and a DMP security system installed with hardwired sensors, It is connected via ethernet and we have the optional Zwave module installed from the outset. However, I've never used the Zwave features because I had other hubs as primary and there is little background I'm aware of to have the DMP as a slave. Now I've converted the house to Hubitat C7. I was hoping someone out there had worked on an integration for Hubitat and DMP through Zwave. So far all I see are parallel overconnects with Konnect boards which I'm not wanting to do. Mostly I want to double use the wired motion sensors; and read status of open door sensors to interact with Hubitat logic control rules, etc.

Any feedback out there?

I'm not familiar with DMP, but usually when a standalone alarm system has an "optional" Z-Wave integration it's to allow the alarm system itself to create a Z-Wave network and to add devices to it. This then allows the alarm system to control Z-Wave devices (lights, appliances, etc) in response to alarm events.

I don't think I've ever seen an alarm system with a Z-Wave module that presents the attached alarm devices as Z-Wave devices on a Z-Wave network. That would be pretty complicated to do IMO.

Since the alarm system is ethernet connected, perhaps there might be an open API and third-party integration from that perspective?

Yes that is exactly what the DMP seems able to do; but I didn't realize when I ordered it that it could not play nice with another Zwave system so it is unused. I kinda doubt DMP publishes an API but will look. I'd not think any alarm system company wants to have anything open at all to insure greatest security.

Or greatest revenue...

I guarantee you DMP will not share any API. In fact, DMP doesn't even play nice with end users. Only dealers can get information from them.

They build GREAT alarm systems, and they really last, but they do not play nicely.

The DMP system can do primary and secondary controller, but I do not know how to, if it's even an option, set that up with HE.

I'm not familiar with DMP either, but is there perhaps a solution like Envisalink that might work with DMP?

Envisalink is an add-on board for Honeywell Vista and DSC panels that looks like a keypad but actually provides a telnet interface, allowing local (i.e. not cloud) control from HE. It allows Vista devices to be visible to HE and it allows HSM to control the panel.

Nothing like that available for DMP. I thought I read on here were someone was able to make the primary/secondary controller work, but I can't find the post.

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