DIY Garage Door Control Solution

I wish I could help with the security-related wiring, but assuming those sensor and wall-switch junction boxes are mudded over somewhere in walls/ceiling, that leaves the only decent access to the wall switch wiring to where it comes out of the ceiling.

If I were you, I'd consider ceiling-mounting the Zen17 somewhere up around the GDO -- that gives you access to the wall switch wiring and the ability to tuck the garadget thing somewhere up around there too. Use the other (hopefully open) outlet on the GDO's receptacle to power the Z17.

So the AWG bell wire from my wall switch does run to the GDO, just spliced with something else?

So if I get the Security 2.0+ dojigger and mount it and the zen17 to the ceiling next to the GDO, what would that wiring look like? Sorry to ask for such explicit instructions…

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The wall switch wiring is junctioning somewhere - the "loose" wires in your wall switch picture are individually sheathed, but the wall switch cable at your GDO is just plain bell wire. I don't know why they would've done that junction**, but it happened - that definitely ain't the same cable at one end from the other.

** - I can't think of anything additional that would be involved in that junction - dollars to donuts, I bet they simply spliced together two different types of wire/cable. In the sensor junction box (wherever that is), it would seem they junctioned the 2 sensors so they could then just run one cable to the opener. That at least makes some sense.

You'd have to refer to your opener's manual to verify which wires are connected to which inputs on your actual opener (red/wht/blk inputs), but 2 wires are from your wall switch and two wires are from your sensors.

Edit - junction clarify

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Not sure if this was answered.. The difference in the zen17 from the 16 is that you hook one wire to Normally Open (NO) contact and then the corresponding "C" right next to it. On the 17, there are two relays and each one has a separate Open and Closed with the C next to it. Other than that.. works like a charm. I have mine in the basement since its right next to the garage. Works great with the zoon garage door app.

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Will this work with the zooz16 relay?

Where in the relay would each of the 3 wires be connected to?

Here's a guide for DIY'ing two doors.


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Finally implemented this:

It's not quite done yet - I need to 3D print a cover for the wires to replace the temporary piece of duct tape, and replace the single switch plate with a double so I can add a Pico remote for the driveway lights.

The Liftmaster receiver is connected in parallel with the buttons, to the inputs of the Zen16 box. That way Hubitat detects (and can log) remote and manual opening, not just when Hubitat does it via Z-wave.

The receiver's 3rd channel is connected too even though I only have 2 doors, since the Zen16 reports the inputs even if the output relay isn't connected to anything. That lets the 3rd button on the remotes toggle the garage and driveway lights between their current settings and full brightness, to help with parking at night.

The only problem I'm having is with Alexa. If I tell her to "close garage main door", it works immediately, but then tells me about 30 seconds later that it was unable to do it. I haven't tried to track that down so I'm not asking for help (yet), but other than that it's working well.

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