DIY Garage Door Control Solution

Did you hook up this Security+ 2.0 Dry Contact Adapter 9 from Garadget in addition to the regular wall button – or is it one or the other?

The regular button can still be hooked up. Just twist the ends together and fit them in the respective spots. It’s just like having an additional wall button, basically.

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I have a 5 year old Wifi, MyQ, yellow learn button, garage door opener that lost Wifi connection the other night. Its been a struggle to get it reconnected. Something like this should be able to replace the Wifi and the Myq, Right?

I replaced a similar MyQ setup. So yeah, it should!

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Thank you! Excuse my ignorance (I'm new to all this) but can you explain exactly what you mean by "twist the ends together and fit them in the respective spots"? Which ends, and which spots? :thinking:

I'm looking at the diagrams in the Zooz support article "How to Use the ZEN16 MultiRelay as a Garage Door Opener on SmartThings", and trying to imagine where the Dry Contact Adapter 9 would go.

For what it's worth, I have an old opener at the moment, but will be updating soon – probably getting the Chamberlain B970.

I'm trying to figure out if the Dry Contact Adapter 9 will work with that, or if I need to use the Universal Security+ 2.0™ Interface Module from CreativeAccessSolutions.

So, on the place where the learn button is on your GDO, you will see there are already two wires coming into some small clips (most likely) that pinch down on them. On my GDO, they were the two leftmost, as I recall. You'll open those clip, pull the two wires out, and twist an end of the dry contact adapter's wires (not the speaker wires intended for the relay, but the other two -- they are red and white) to each of the corresponding wires you just removed. Then just put them back where you found them, pretty much. :smiley:

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Thank you again! I now see that there are instructions on the Garadget Security+ 2.0 Dry Contact Adapter page that essentially say the same thing. :expressionless: Makes sense! I appreciate the newbie patience and help.

No problem at all! We all start somewhere. Oh, and please do note the comment I had left in my post about the first time I powered the relay on. I don't think it happens to everyone, but just be ready for the door to start moving immediately -- just in case!

Can you use the Garadget Smart app with this or do you need to use the Hubitat mobile app?

I suspect this is only going to work with the Hubitat app. I believe the Garadget app works with a separate Wi-Fi connected device. That said, I wanted this setup specifically to be able to run locally, which this does.

That's what I was thinking. I want it to be local also. Just trying to make the wife happy. She likes the Myq app because the door is the only thing on it and has history. I'll have to simplify a dashboard for her to use.
Thanks again

Ah yeah. Have her add a cloud link to a dashboard with a giant garage door button, leave the device history feature active, and it’ll be basically the same. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Has anyone found an easy way to add a warning chime and light before the garage door starts moving?

if you are using a relay to open the door easy to do with rule machine..

hook up light ., add a virtual garage door device. when open in signaled to virtual device
turn on light in rule, delay specified time, then open actual device/turn on relay.

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I was looking at your GDO ( same model as mine) and your zen 16 and dry contact adapter setup. Planning on doing the same in my home. Do you have a tilt sensor on your Garage Door? If not how does HE know it’s position? Oh and if you have any information that you didn’t cover in your post can you update me. TIA

I do indeed. Started out with an Ecolink model, but I since moved that to my mailbox with an external reed switch for open/close notifications there, and replaced the garage door tilt sensor with a much smaller and more aesthetically pleasing Aqara sensor.

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I am catching up on the posts and I know this is over a month old post but I couldn't help but wondered why did you swap out a tilt sensor for a vibration sensor. '

I am curious if you don't mind sharing why you swapped it out on your garage door. I am using the Ecolink model sensor for my tilt sensor and it works great but just wondering.

Thank you

The Aqara vibration sensor also is a tilt sensor. Just branded for vibration for some reason and not everything it does.


That makes senses. Thank you for clearing it up!

I got a couple of the Aqara for my 2 garage doors.

Do you use the contact sensor function for them? If so, where did you set "open"? I set "Close" when the sensor is completely vertical, and open when it's at about 45. Problem I'm having is that when the tilt sensor goes a full 90deg because the top panel is not horizontal when opening, contact says "Unknown". If I set open when it's at 90deg, then it doesn't register as open until the door is already open 3'.