DIY alarm - Hive Siren box

Wanted to use my existing motion sensors and door sensors to build an alarm system I could use with geofencing to automatically activate and managed to pickup a second hand Hive siren (sometimes called hive homeshield siren) for cheap.
It's ZigBee and managed to get it to connect to the hub but can't find a universal or driver which works with it.
It also has a bright led light which is useful and can be switched on and off if selected the dimmer driver but there is not a driver I have found which works with the siren sound

Anyone able to help please?

More info here

I can’t any other zigbee coordinator that the Hive siren uses. Do you know if it is ZHA1.2 or zigbee 3.0, which would be needed for it to work with Hubitat?

I'm not sure, but I don't think it's new enough to be zigbee. 3.0

I don’t think it is ZHA 1.2 either. It’s some other profile. Hubitat supports ZHA1.2 and by extension zigbee 3.0.

They may also support zigbee pro.

Actually saying that it only got released in 2020/2021 so would it be zigbee 3.0? If it is what does that mean?

Anyone else able to help?


I can't find it as a zigbee 3.0 certified device. Also, the documentation you linked to indicates it was available earlier (perhaps 2017?). There's also no indication of ZHA1.2 or zigbee 3.0 compatibility - so I suspect it is using a proprietary zigbee profile.

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Hi, what does that mean? It won't be able to get it to work with he?

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