Ditch google?

So moving into my new home in 2 weeks and still trying to plan out everything I should invest in. My only home automation experience is basically limited to google assistant and hue bulbs. I have smart thermostats/locks but not much automation done with them. That being said im fleshing out a new proper build focused around hubitat. So far i've bought a few sensors to test out and purchased some inovelli switches (both zigbee and zwave) to build out my mesh network. I'm looking for some advice on locks/doorbells/smoke alarms. I currently have google lock (yale x nest), a google door bell, nest thermostat, and Nest cameras. That being said i see that it doesn't seem like hubitat has good integration with them (or at least not simple enough that i understand it atm) and would kind of like to move away from google all together (outside mini's for music/voice). Already decided to go with ecobee for thermostats, and building out a ubiquity network so will probably migrate to those cameras in near future. I'm looking for suggestions on a lock/doorbell/smoke alarm. I like the aqura lock but it sounds like aquara products dont sync well either and they have connection troubles when they do.

Not sure which Aqara lock you’re looking at but after a bit of research, I’ve decided against ever adding an Aqara U100 unless they get more serious about their build quality and security level.

It’s not anything to do with the electronics, but rather the fact that a small pry bar is all that would be needed to rip the aluminum front off of the U100 and walk right in. Or, for a less aggressive attack, a basic bump key could probably make for easy entry, due to the keyway design quality. It seems a rekey is possible with some work, but my preference is to simply eliminate that attack point entirely.

I currently have Yale YRD 256 locks, and they do not have any keyholes to attack. The YRD physical design also gets a pass from Lock Picking Lawyer (except for the keyway weaknesses). I'm sticking with my Yale locks.

In regard to Smoke/CO alarms, I'm surprised you didn't mention Nest Protect since you have all other Nest devices. If you do have that, then I wouldn't move away. They're the best in my opinion, even if you don't use any integration to Hubitat. No direct integration to Hubitat, but if you want to use the occupancy (wired versions only) or trigger actions in Hubitat from them, then there's a Homebridge plugin that I'm using for that. However, it will require that you have Homebridge, an Apple Home Hub, such as an Apple TV 4 or later, or a HomePod Mini, plus an iOS device or a Mac that can run the latest OS. If you're an Android and Windows household, then this isn't going to be an option for you. There are alarm listeners that can trigger based on sound, and if the HomeKit route isn't for you, then that's a viable option. But regardless, I would still use Nest Protect with it.

As for doorbell cameras, I'm not a fan. I think they're a waste of money for an inadeqate security camera that usually needs a subsription and adds little more than an ugly box to the front door.


The Reolink POE doorbell is fantastic. Really good picture and instant popup

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It's a good picture in good light. What does it look like in the dark? From a security standpoint, what's going on outside the camera lens field of view?

My preference is to be able to follow that subject without a distorted fisheye lens, so I personally like the ability to have the camera pan and follow the person automatically, regardless of the conditions. Nothing will be perfect, so whatever suites your requirments will be the best choice. :v:

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I have Nest Mini speakers and a Nest thermostat, and I have never had any issues with Google products. They work great with Hubitat. My only gripe is that my Nest Protect smoke detectors don't currently integrate. They've been promising to add Nest Protect to Google Home for like half a decade now, so maybe, hopefully, that will actually happen some day, but I'm not holding my breath...

:rofl: Good one!

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I am trying to portray some positivity, as unlikely as it may seem... :joy:

One can still dream...

I have five of these and they integrate with Hubitat just fine.

First Alert Battery Powered Z-Wave Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Works with Ring Alarm Base Station, 2nd Generation