Distance sensor device type?

I have some distance sensors (not integrated with Hubitat yet). They monitor and alert me when my salt reservoir is low on my water softener, and alert me when my septic tank level is too high. I'm using this on Vera right now. Vera doesn't seem to have a built in device type for a distance sensor. I can view the data and use it in rules, however, the devices don't appear in the vera app.

Does Hubitat have a distance sensor device type? I'm concerned that even if I integrate these into Hubitat, that they may not show up properly on dashboards.

There isn't. The official list is here, but it's without explanation for many (the ST list is pretty close and has a tiny bit of explanation for the intended use of each). What is your actual device? Is it Z-Wave? It's possible there is a driver (or easily-portable ST DTH) already or a generic that would work. Does it report binary values or a scale with actual distance? If it's binary, it should be pretty easy to make an existing capability work quite easily (e.g., open/close or wet/dry....probably wouldn't do the second since it would make it hader to use the "use all water sensors" option in HSM, but maybe that's not important for you)--more of a matter of what driver you'd need to make it work at all.

It's a MySensors device. It reports the distance in mm or inches, depending on whether I have set metric or standard in the code on the arduino node. I have everything set to standard now, so it reports in inches, as a decimal value.

Ideally I would eventually be able to report not just distance, but depth. By depth, I mean that you could toggle the device and enter an overall tank depth and have it calculate the actual depth or percentage.

These sensors are running on an Arduino, correct? I don't see anything on the webpage for "mySensors" that has connectivity with Hubitat but that doesn't mean that one couldn't be ported from ST if one is available. You could also set up the board using the Hubduino project which can run on an Arduino and does connect to Hubitat.

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None of my current nodes have Wifi. They are mostly arduino nanos which communicate back to the gateway via an NRF24L01+ radio mesh. It doesn't appear that the Hubduino project supports this.

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