Distance of user from home

I want to display user's distance to home on the dashboard.
I guess there's no ready app which can do that.
So I wrote a small Android app which gets the location of user (Lat/Lon)
Now I want to post this parameter to a virtual device on the hub.
And then I will calculate the distance of the user and display on dashboard with a custom attribute.
How can I receive the lat/lon parameter posted from my Android app ?

Easiest way might be to send the data to a RM or webCoRE endpoint... Alternatively you could write an device driver and use MQTT or MakerAPI to update it.

how can I use MakerAPI to update my virtual device ?
what function on my driver shall receive the parameter ?

also, is there a way to get the lat/lon of the hub from its settings on my driver ?

I wrote a driver that can accept some basic data types that may be of use.

MakerAPI documentation is here: Maker API - Hubitat Documentation

Lat and Long for the hub are available in the Location object: Location Object - Hubitat Documentation

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can you share it ?

Yes, sorry, got a phone call :slightly_smiling_face:


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This post from last August for another user may be useful:


There is always Life 360 with states and the free Life 360 mobile app. It will display distance.

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wow , I didn't know that distance could be received from Life360
that's good.
Now I don'T have to write my own app since I already use Life360
is there also a map display feature on the app ?
I see a "lastMap" attribute but it displays "null" for me.

Not that I see but it gives you the latitude and longitude which you could use to get a map using the URL

Not sure if it is relevant, but I remember there used to be some kind of restrictions with Google and lat long type requests, could have been requesting lat longs for addresses, can't remember...

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