Distance from Hubitat Hub to Devices

I'm a long time ST user with lots of devices and am planning to migrate to Hubitat. I have some trepidation about the migration as I have my devices and automations working well in ST. The problem with ST is the new app and the direction they're going under Samsung.

I will be completely rebuilding my system and I will be asking some lame questions at the beginning. Here's one now.

I have a new Hubitat hub and the instructions tell me that any device I'm adding must be within 30 feet of the hub to connect. As I have a number of built-in switches and plugs and some devices that are outside, this would be almost impossible.

Is the 30 feet correct? If it is, would building out the system starting at the closest device and moving outward do the trick as I will be building the mesh network as I go.

A great reference as you build your mesh:


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Yes (although it is an approximation), and yes.

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