Display only dashboard contents full screen

I know this is a simple setting somewhere but for the life of me I cannot remember where it is.
I want to have my fully kiosk tablet display only the dashboard contents, without the title bar at the top nor the selection menu on the left.
Argghhh can someone please point me to the right place to set this?

Thanks for your help.

Go into your list of Apps, and then select your Hubitat Dashboard App... Inside the app you'll find Local and Cloud links to that particular dashboard. Use that on your tablet and it should be a nice clean interface.


Hello friend, i found this because i have the same problem, i followed your instruction and it worked well but i still see the android tablet time, battery,notification and other info in the top part, any way to make the dashboard full screen?

Yes and it is surprisingly simple.
Go to the Dashboards window. On the right you will see three icons,
A square with broken lines, a home icon and a plus sign.
Select the square. You will notice that the menu of the left and the top bar disappears.
Next click on the dashboard you want and it will open in full screen.
I hope you find this helpful. Enjoy your full screen dashboard.
I am going to work to see if I can open this on startup.


Thanks for the fast response and sry for my late reply (working a lot this past week) You sir are amazing, worked perfectly. Have an amazing night :smiley:

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