Display a message on an Amazon Echo device's screen

Hi, I would like to be able to send notifications to my Echo devices that have screens. My specific requirement is that I have an Echo Spot by my bed and i have a smart button that deactivates the motion sensors in our walk-in wardrobe. This is so that when I want to get up before my wife, I can go into the walk-in wardrobe and get my jogging bottoms on without the lights turning on and waking up my wife. So... it would be nice to get a little text status on my Echo spot to let me know that the sensors have deactivated. I know I can send notifications to my phone but can I send one that will visibly display on my Echo Spot? thanks

I don't have an Echo Spot, but I do have an Echo Show, and I noticed that whenever I play a TTS announcement to it via Echo Speaks, it also displays the text on the screen. This was with "Announce All," not a device-specific "announce" or "speak" command, so I'm not sure if those will do the same thing (also didn't notice this when I used Alexa TTS, but I didn't use that integration as much). I'm also not sure you get the text without the speech, which I suppose if you're trying to not wake someone up might be bad. :slight_smile:

I was going to suggest a button you could press that disables the automation, but it sounds like you already have one. Are you concerned that it's not working? Maybe there's another issue there that could be fixed, or maybe you could make the button turn the lights on to something like red at 1% that is unlikely to wake someone up if it's in a closet and not the full room (and you'll see ahead of time that it works)...just thinking of other ideas here.

Hi. Yeah the notification is just so I have the "all clear" to get up and into the wardrobe without the lights turning on. I did try
Mute echo
Send notification to echo

But the mute didnt seem to work. It lowered to about level 1 and spoke the notification. I was hoping that it might speak it (but not as it was muted), then display it on screen as well.
The closest I have atm is turning the "do not display" on and off.this shows a purple notification ring around the Echo Spot but doesnt tell me if the sensor is active or not... plus isnt ideal if I want to use the do not disturb elsewhere.

You can try setting the voice to "Whisper" as well as lowering it to level 1. That should be pretty quiet.

Thanks. Can you do that with Echo Speaks?

Yes. In Response Designer, select Whisper. Or, when typing out the text, surround it with <amazon:effect name="whispered"> and </amazon:effect>.

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Thanks that's good to know. I think it would still be cool to display text and or images on echo devices that have screens though.

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