Dishwasher Ideas

Hello All,

I am kicking-around ideas of how to integrate my dishwasher into the home and besides on/off at certain times or watching power usage to alert when it finishes, I have no other ideas.

Anyone been creative in this realm?

Thanks Again

I think for the most part, cycle end is probably the best use. On/Off really doesn’t make a difference except for delay start. The thing can’t load and unload itself. They’re the dumbest robots around. You pretty much have to do 3/4 of the work.

Do you have a hot water recirculation pump? If so you could time the dishwasher start about 4-5 mins after it turns on, this way you have hot water at the washer when it starts.

In my case, my hot water recirculation pump is plugged into a smart outlet and we can call for water anytime we want for showers, dishes...

Have fun

I am not sure about the recirculation pump, mine just runs lol...

I guess that's the point, why have it run all the time?

When we moved into this house, mine was running 24/7 as well, not even a timer so I installed a basic manual christmas timer. That was fine at first but it seemed like we always wanted hot water when the timer wasn't set to run so I bought a plug in z-wave outlet and now we have hot water only when it's needed.

Provided only to spark some thoughts


Thanks for the ideas, I am thinking a power meter to watch for the end of cycle and tell my phone and the house when they are ready to remove might be the biggest bang for my buck....hmmmm....

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