Discussion about the C7

Mine all look normal.


How is everyone liking I am still on and the only real issue I've seen is that the z wave radio locks up every few weeks, requiring a hard power down to resolve. I thought Bobby or someone mentioned that the zwave radio lockups were going to be fixed in a future firmware upgrade - does anyone know if it was resolved in this release?

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I've have 3 C-7s (in separate locations/systems) that I've updated and they seem to be working so far but it's really too early to tell.

I have noticed a few Zigbee devices becoming unresponsive every so often with a C-5 but that's been since the 2.5.xxx firmware not necessarily this latest one. There are many factors at play though and I probably need to investigate further but it hasn't been a major issue yet.

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Normally my c5 z-wave locks after a update but still going strong, I've all tried a few thing which sometimes causes it to lock and its past that test. Only need to do a z-wave repair to finally test but looking good.

Zigbee has gone a bit funny, sonoff button dropped off and a humidity sensor went from 90% to 0 in a few days but seems to be settling

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I just found time to start digging into a randoms/performance issue after replacing yet another failed Zooz switch, and see my 5 Iris plugs' z-wave repeaters have disgusting response times.

Seems these are now problematic wit the C7?

I'm using shackrat's driver and they now don't want to run interrogate or anything else. Oddly they show offline in the device but OK in the Z-wave mesh app.

Are these the 3210-L models? We have seen numerous reports of issues caused by these devices when they are included as Z-Wave repeaters. I recommend excluding them if you are having Z-Wave mesh issues.


I have several of these in operation and can confirm they work fine if you do not use the Z-Wave repeater capability.

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I have 16 of them in my home and they work great as Zigbee outlets. Learned the hard way that they are not good as Z-Wave repeaters.


LOL, the seem to be just fine on my C-3 :cowboy_hat_face:

You should play the lottery, it sounds like you have some pretty good odds :slight_smile:


Yes, 3210-L.

They worked fine on the C5, I will go ahead and exclude them.

I was able to exclude these, only 2 of the 5 would go into exclusion locally (fast blink) and drop without a force remove.

For the two that I was able to put into exclusion mode, I did: Unplug, re-plug. Press button on/off, then press RAPIDLY 8 times without tripping the relay and the LED blinks fast.

All 5 are now pending in the Z-wave Details page. Remove/refresh doesn't seem to help.

I know in the past, I've had to use my Z-wave stick for force exclude and remove a device completely. Is there a nightly maintenance that will drop these? The last switch that died wouldn't budge from pending for days until I used a stick to remove it.

That is the lesson I learned the "hard way" that I mentioned earlier. They stick around and don't want to be removed creating havoc in your mesh until you get rid of them.

In 7 years, I didn't have to use a stick to remove ghosts or bad devices, so I know it's possible to remove them, it just takes perseverance.


I think I will "stick" it to them.

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I used the stick to kill them.

Mark as "Is Failed," then Remove Failed worked best.


It should be this easy in HE. So should Replace Failed Node. :wink:


It would be if SiLabs would permit it, The stick gets to use the older SDK and doesn’t have as many hoops as what is required with the SDK for the 700 chip.


Well there's always the 800 series to look forward to right?
:man_facepalming: :rofl:


Other than higher power zwave LR (me: looks around for his pile of zwave LR devices, but comes up empty-handed), 800 doesn't bring much to the table for controllers.

800 series battery powered end devices should have longer battery life though, which is always good.

And of course higher power zwave LR end devices if/when they ever show up.

Also note that silicon labs confirm that they will likely run out of Z-Wave 500 chips this year. They also said that Z-Wave 700 chips are still on allocation, and 800 series chips are even harder to get right now (and will continue to be until at least 2023).

Supply chain and Chip shortages are ruining everything.


Good info.

That said, the 4-letter "W" word had failed node replacement when HE didn't on the older chipsets/SDK.

Disclaimer: I love my HE!

My z-wave network feels more responsive on 2.3.1 + ZW 7.17.1 firmware, and it might fix some of the removal bugs some folk have been seeing.