Discrete Motion Sensing?

I’m wanting to add motion sensing in each room of my home, but I don’t want to mount dedicated motion sensors everywhere because I feel that would be unsightly. What’s the best way to get motion sensing everywhere in a discrete way? The best I’ve thought of is motion sensing wall switches, but that would require swapping out a lot of perfectly good zooz switches that I have already. I also see some smart bulbs have motion sensing built in, but I guess that would require putting the wall switches in smart bulb mode and I worry there’s be added delay to turn bulbs on/off. Any other ideas that I haven’t thought of?

Small motion sensors?

I mean things like the Nyce Zigbee sensors are tiny and even in plain sight they're pretty discrete IMO.

Aeotec Multi Sensor 6 and Tri Sensor also have a recessable mount available, again pretty discrete IMO especially if you already have recessed lighting in the room.

Not very good if you have lampshades

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I have a client who mounted motion sensor devices in a nice flash mounted ceiling light cover. I know he used this:

The sensor is not affected by the plastic. I bet you could find some nice true flush mount 'invisible' ones. His complaint is battery changes require a ladder.