Discovery sequence for Ikea Tradfri zigbee devices

I picked up a few Ikea Tradfri items to add to my zigbee network and thought I would share my experience “discovering” them with HE. All devices were new in box. Here’s the list:

  • Two LED E26 806 bulbs Article no: 904.571.70
  • Two Tradfi signal repeaters Article no: 304.004.07
  • One Trader wireless control outlet Article no: 303.561.69
  1. First, I tried the bulbs, but they would not pair with the HE. I factory reset them, and moved them to within feet of the hub, repeated multiple times to no avail.

  2. Next, I tried the signal repeaters, but like the bulbs they would not pair with the HE.

  3. Then, I SUCCESSFULLY discovered the the wireless control outlet - quickly and easily.

1.At last, I returned to the bulbs and signal repeaters which were each discovered on first attempt each.

The moral of the story (at least for me in my house) is if you’re adding Tradfri devices to your network get a wireless control outlet and connect that first. I was lucky that I had added one to the order.

Has anyone else had this experience? I searched the forum but couldn’t find any mention of similar experiences.

No - but the bulbs can be tricky, some more than others, until you get the reset routine right..
Start with the bulb off, and the hub in pairing mode.
Then 5 on/off's where the on's are very short.
Leave the bulb on at the 5th on and wait for it to blink.
Have paired 10+ without repeaters/outlets with no issues, but have since then added a couple of repeaters and outlets too. :blush: