Discover Iris Motion / Contact sensor

I'm trying to add a new Iris motion sensor (M0T901) and a new Iris contact sensor (DWS901) that I purchased.

I've tried holding down the tamper button while installing the battery for over 10 seconds, etc.
Hubitat starts to discover them but they just hang at Initializing.
I've tried pairing in place, next to the hub, etc. Same results each time.

Any ideas?


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If I'm not mistaken, these are both the "gen1" Iris sensors that use a proprietary zigbee protocol (not ZHA) and as a result will only work with the Iris hubs. The newer "gen2/3" 3326L/3320L models will work fine with hubitat and other ZHA hubs.

Perhaps that explains why they were on sale. Bummer.

Unfortunately yes, that's probably the case

These are listed in the current Hubitat list as usable. I use Iris 3326L motions with good success. Old topic, but may still be users looking for these.

Actually at the time this topic was created, gen1 iris devices were not supported by hubitat.

Then Lowe’s announced they were shutting down the iris cloud, and hubitat was able to put together a way to integrate the old sensors, presumably as a way to attract former iris users.

Now how do we bury this zombie topic that you’ve resurrected a year later?:dizzy_face:

Did you ever figure this out? Even with the new updated hub, and running zigbee discover, I still just get the initializing, but the device never gets added?

There is a separate button for discovering iris gen 1 devices.

If you’re having trouble getting a device to pair, I suggest starting a new thread.

@bobbyd please close this thread.