Disarming HSM and reset after delay?

Is the following possible?

  1. HSM set to armedHome

  2. Virtual switch is turned on.

  3. A specific contact that is normally monitored for intrusion instead will disarm HSM once it is opened but everything else will still set off an alert as normal

  4. Once the above occurs, the virtual switch will reset and a timer will be started.

  5. At the end of the timer normal HSM monitoring will be resumed meaning, if the previously specified contact sensor is still open, an alert will be triggered.

  6. If the virtual switch is on and a certain amount of time passes without the specific contact sensor opening, the virtual switch will be automatically reset, and normal monitoring will be maintained.

Should be able to implement something like this using a set of rules without too much issue.

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It's the switching of contact from monitored to ability to disarm that has me scratching my head.

Should be an HSM option to arm/disarm using a switch or button (if only a button we can make a virtual button that is also a switch).

Yes, I believe there is. However, for my case, I need to essentially have a switch that, when on, changes the function of a chosen contact from alert trigger to disarm trigger. Everything else, I believe is fairly straightforward (auto reset of switch if contact not opened within a certain window, starting timer to rearm from contact open trigger, etc)

I suppose this will simply have to be a trial and error scenario. I'll just need to figure if HSM will still trigger an alert from a contact even though a rule stated that same contact sensor should disarm HSM instead.

Maybe if I just configure HSM to always have a one second delay for the contact. Perhaps that will give the chance for a rule to intervene.

My ideal result would actually be that HSM stay armed the whole time and the virtual switch only puts the contact sensor into a momentary bypass state.

May need to look at the custom rules for that. Arming and disarming all of HSM is definitely doable, may need to look at "disabling" the contact sensor for the time period.

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I was thinking of that route.

Actually, giving it more thought, I could create a virtual contact sensor to take the place of a physical one in the main HSM configuration. Using RM I could make the state of this virtual sensor conditional on the state of the virtual switch AND the physical sensor. Then it's just a matter of sorting out the timers.

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Ok, I have the part that I originally thought would be the hard part figured out.

I created a virtual switch and a virtual contact counterpart to a physical contact.

HSM monitors the virtual contact instead of the look physical one.

I have a rule triggered by change in physical contact. If switch is off, virtual contact is opened. Otherwise it stays closed. Tested and works flawlessly.

Now, I have always had a horrible time with conditional wait, cancelable wait etc.

What I want to accomplish (and I know it's possible, I just don't have the grasp of how to do it):

For explanation purposes I'll use the names of the contacts.

Physical Contact is "Patio Door"
Virtual Contact is "Virtual Patio Door"
Virtual Switch is "Patio Door Exit"

Patio Exit is turned on

10 second timer starts

If Patio Door is opened, with in that 10 second window, 10 second timer stops (Virtual Patio Door also stays closed). If nothing happens in that window, Patio Door Exit resets.

New 20 second timer starts.

If Patio Door is not closed with in that new window Virtual Patio Door is opened, triggering alert. Patio Door Exit Resets.

If Patio Door is closed in that 20 second window, Patio Door Exit resets and no alert occurs.

These conditional and cancelable timers have me insanely confused.

To make this more hard on myself, I want a chime to indicate active timers (like an alarm system) but I am pretty sure I can handle that separately.