Disarm with successful smart lock code?

Anyone know of an easy way to disarm with a successful unlock with code from a smart lock? I used to have an app that did that in Smartthings but just have not found a way to do it in Hubitat yet.

Simply use successful unlock to disarm...

If lock unlocks disarm HSM or change mode..

Thank you! Would that also unarm say if someone broke a window and manually unlocked? I was hoping there was a way to do it with successful code entry?

You could use @bptworld 's event engine and read a specific portion of the log for a successful unlock. Lets say your log says "David unlocked door lock @ x time" You could use David unlocked (or john, or jane etc) as the phrase for the trigger.


Can do the same thing with webCoRE and I believe RM.


Simple example with rule machine


Thank you

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