Disappointed OoBE

My Hue Hub is randomly resetting and losing all my config. I went through Philips Hue support and they said all I could do was to start over!!

After watching several positive reviews and checking that Hubitat supports Hue devices and HomeKit integration I decided to get myself a C8. Plugged in, powered on, scan the QR code and I'm in the setup right away. Tried for over an hour to pair any Hue Bulb - devices detected but not paired. Hubitat UI was quite slow (more later).

Finally find a strong recommendation to use the Hue Bridge!! I'm trying to replace my Hue Bridge as I think it won't last much longer.

What I had intended was to have a clean start using Hubitat as THE hub and retire the Hue Hub. Instead I have connected Hubitat to the Hue Bridge and it has created several HueBridgeGroups - I can't see any individual devices yet. This is not what I was expecting / wanting to do.

Can I reasonably expect to be able to reset all the hue devices, unplug the hub and pair all the bulbs, lamps, sensor and buttons directly?

Could the slowness in the Hubitat UI be zigbee interference with WiFi - I think my WiFi (Unifi AP) will automatically change WiFi bands overnight?


Are you connecting your hub via ethernet or wifi? Either way, there shouldn’t be any slowness in the ui. I have seen others with Unify setups state that you need to make sure that jumbo frames are disabled on your network as that can cause connectivity problems for the hub.
I personally use a couple of Hue bridges connected to the Hubitat hub, because older Hue bulbs were terrible repeaters and I have a lot of zigbee sensors that I count on being dependable. That said, if most of your Zigbee mesh consists of Hue bulbs, the Hubitat hub should have no trouble with them. Also, make sure that the hub is updated to the latest firmware.

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The general recommendation on here is to keep the Hue devices (especially bulbs) paired to the Hue Hub and use the integration.

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I use this approach as well. Non-bulb devices I generally pair directly to HE, though.

I suppose it's possible but IMO unlikely. Usually, when there's a conflict between Wifi and Zigbee, Wifi wins. Your Unifi APs won't change bands overnight, but if you have channel optimization turned on they may change channels and power settings. In addition, I'm pretty sure the wifi chipset in the C8 is 2,.4ghz only. That doesn't mean there isn't some other wifi performance issue though.

I believe this is true... for some reason jumbo frames cause HE to hang. Fortunately though I don't think jumbo frames are supported over a wifi connection anyway so you should be OK. I have jumbo frames disabled across my Unifi gear. The biggest reason to enable jumbo frames that I've seen is NAS performance so if you're not using NAS there's probably no reason NOT to turn off jumbo frame support.

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I don't have anything Hue in my world. However, I've read a lot of messages here and can parrot back what I've retained...

If your Zigbee collection is ONLY Hue bulbs then you can pair them to a Hubitat Hub. Most Zigbee bulbs use a slightly different protocol and mixing introduces a problem. The bulbs make lousy Zigbee repeaters for non-bulbs.

If you have or are going to have a mix of Bulbs and Zigbee motion or contact sensors (anything but bulbs) then the best solution is to put the bulbs on a Hue Bridge and everything else direct to the Hub.

This way you get two, independent, reliable Zigbee meshes.


Sounds like you are only using Hue devices, in which case as @csteele noted, pairing the devices (including the bulbs) directly to the Hubitat hub is an OK direction to take.

In my case I have other Zigbee bulbs and devices so I have kept my Hue bulbs on my Hue hub and used the Hue integration to bring the bulbs into Hubitat, but I connected my Hue motion sensors directly to my Hubitat hub. So you can mix and match in that fastion. As noted, if you are going to have other non-Hue Zigbee bulbs & devices on your Hubitat hub, everything I've read around here indicated that you are better off keeping the bulbs separated on the Hue hub.

So it looks like I need to buy a replacement hue hub, recreate everything on the hub for the third time in a couple of weeks and then come back to hubitat.

I have not enabled jumbo frames on Unifi. I do have the hue hub and C8 on a separate IOT network. Both devices are on the same switch Unifi switch.

Can’t wait for new matter devices to simplify things (hee hee)


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You're going to need that sense of humor... :wink:

I do the same, no issues w/doing that.

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as do I. I don't even have mine all on the same switch - I just make sure whatever ports they're on are configured for the right VLAN.


And I have some of my stuff hidden on Brad's network, and even that works.

(Shhh... don't tell him, so much fun to switch his bathroom lights off and on repeatedly when there is motion and then wait for him to post about it here...) :wink: :rofl:


And I blamed the cats!

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No you can also do what I do and have two hubitat hubs, one for old bad lamps and one for all new devices. Then you can link them though hub mesh.

For now though I would just join them to the hub you have and see how you go. If you only have hue lamps it should be fine.


Make sure your wifi is on channel 6 or below, put Hubitat on 20, and Hue bridge on 25 and see if that solves your issues.