Disabled App reenabled itself

Not sure what causes it - but I manually disable an App, and after hub crash and I pull the plug and reset, the app seems to re-enable itself.
In this case, it is 'Smarter Humidity Fan' but I am not sure thats relevant.

I’ve explained to you earlier why this occurred. Do you need the explanation to be repeated?

It is unique to a situation where there is database corruption due to a crash. So the last viable database is restored, along with app status at the time that database was made.


yes. I drink a lot.

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iisn't the DB in the backup? I do that every day automagically at 3:01a. how to backup the DB independently?

this gets better:

This sort of routine database corruption is not normal. I had this back in 2019 when I wrote some pathetically poor drivers. And used community drivers that weren’t well written either.

I would recommend sticking with built-in drivers, or carefully selected community drivers.

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I resemble that.
Now fixed, I seem to be much better.
I'll add that the disabled app - stayed disabled on the restore. file under I/O error.
Inputting Operator (or Idiot Operator - your pick).

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