Disable ZLL transmitting/receiving

Hi devs,
I have two Lightify buttons (one 4 button and one Mini Switch) that I would like to use to control some lights. I also have other Lightify components (bulbs, LED strips and outlets and the Lightify gateway). As of now I have a 4-button switch and KED strips paired with the Lightify gateway because it was a simple setup. But, I can't control them with HE. So, I bought another 4-button switch, the Mini Switch some bulbs and outlets to test on HE. I can pair the bulbs and outlets just fine as Generic Zigbee devices and they work.
I can pair the switches/buttons as well, but these are only paired as unknown devices. So, no working driver yet. I'm will to work on a driver for these. I know Mike mentioned he had a driver for the 4-button switch in the works. So, maybe I can finish it off if he doesn't have time for it.

But, back to my original issue which is described in the title.
What I noticed with the Lightify devices I have only paired to HE (so, not paired to the Lightify Gateway) is that they still listen and react to direct ZLL commands. So, although I have the switches paired with HE as well as the outlets and bulbs, all outlets and bulbs go on/off when I press the buttons on the switches. And I mean ALL of them. This must be a direct ZLL connection since the buttons have no drivers in HE and there are no automations setup for reacting to these buttons.
So, my question: is there a way to configure these to stop transmitting or receiving direct ZLL commands. I want to control them via HE. And I want to define which devices react to which switches. Currently, the switches are sending commands to all other devices and they are responding to it.
I did notice that my devices that are paired with the Lightify Gateway do not react to the button presses of the buttons that are paired with HE. So, apparently the Gateway has a way of telling the devices that are connected to it to only listen to specific devices.

I know these are a lot of assumptions. But, currently from what I am experiencing it seems to be the way I have described it. When I create a driver for these devices I would like to make sure they stop broadcasting commands that all other devices respond to. Or at least have the option to configure devices to not respond to ZLL commands.

Thanks for any tips you can give me.

And in case Mike doesn't have time to finish the Lightify 4-button switch driver, I would be fine with picking up where he left off. Just need the current driver code. Otherwise I will need to start from scratch.