Disable Switches

Is there a way in a rule to have an action that will disable a switch during certain time period?

Have Lutron and Inoveli switches, and don't want my kids playing with them at certain times.

This depends on the device and what exactly you want to "disable." If it's certain automations on the hub (and those automations control the switch), then the best place to do that would be in that app. Many have options for disabling or overriding behavior based on certain conditions.

If you want to disable physical control of the switch, then you'll need one or two things. The first is a way to disable at least local control on the switch or to "disable the relay" as some call it (regardless of how it technically works). I know Inovelli has this; they'll respond to Z-Wave requests to disable or enable local (what you want) or remote protection. Can't speak for your other device (consult the manual looking for one of these terms if no one knows; if these are Lutron Caséta and not Z-Wave, I don't think there is). But the second, if you want to automate it, is a command you can send to the device from an app or rule on your hub. With Inovelli's custom drivers, this is possible: they have an option to create a child switch device that you can turn on or off to disable local control, which coupled with an automation that turns this switch on or off when you want should achieve your desired effect.

for Lutron, is there a way I can just "maintain the current state" - almost like an "auto on" or "auto off" depending on whatever state it was in when the rule became active?

That way if the lights are supposed to be off, and someone turns it on, it will just turn back off after 1 second and stay that way until the rule ends ?

Natively, no, but I suppose you could write a rule triggered by something (switch state changing? dimmer level changing?), then use the actions to do whatever you want based on specific conditions--e..g, if time is between this and this, set dimmer or switch back to this state, assuming you always want ti tot be the same.

Yes, but not at "certain times" for the Inovelli Dimmer Red Series LZW31.

All of the outdoor floodlights were wired to a single switch just inside the front door of our 80's house.

I replaced the individual lights with Singled motion-sensing floods. I need for them to be powered all the time and people instinctively want to flip the switch at the door.

I deactivated local control at the paddles in the device part of HE7. Works perfectly.

Someone more knowledgeable about Inovelli dimmers may know how to invoke "certain time".

You have to enable the option in a custom driver like Inovelli's that creates a child device for (or exposes a custom command for) enabling/disabling local control, which is an option their driver provides. Then you can use that device in an app/rule that fires at specific times as you would with any device.

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