Disable one touch lock on Yale deadbolt? (YRD256-ZW2-0BP)

Howdy, so I've been enjoying my HE quite a bit and have done some wonderful things with it so far. :+1:

That said I was hoping that HE could help me solve one of my huge annoyances. We have a touchscreen Yale lock which is great, other then we also have a large dog who thinks its funny to escape when someone enters or exits through that door. Now the dog isn't the issue as she runs down to the cars and then comes right back when called. Due to the dog we often squeeze between the jamb and the door. Doing so caused the one touch lock to trigger and the deadbolt resulting in it sitting out which requires you to reach inside and manually turn the lock or enter a code to unlock it allowing you to close the door. Nether of which are ideal options.

What I would like to do is disable the one touch lock option when the doors contact sensor reads the door as open. I haven't been able to find a way to do this yet and was hoping someone had some insight. The contact rule machine is easy enough but disabling the one touch is beyond me.

Thanks for looking. Cheers.

First off, welcome to Hubitat.

AFAICT, that one touch feature is built-into the lock and not exposed to smart modules plugged into it. It functions to lock the deadbolt or activate the keypad even when there's no module plugged into the lock.

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I also have this lock (very similar) and would like to disable or desensitize the touch screen at least. It often gets overzealous and locks us out with the slightest brush of the screen (mine is a level lock, so it disable the level action). I've tried to get in the habit of turn the lock when I hear the motor trip.

Unfortunately it is the only reason I am considering a non-Yale replacement, for the old Z-wave lock I have. :frowning:

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I don't think this setting is exposed via the built in drivers. There are parameter options to enable/disable the features but it won't work well. When you send the unlock/lock command it wakes up the device and issues the command. When you send a parameter setting it waits for the device to check in and then updates the parameter. Its not always instant.

What you might want to do is disable the options on the lock itself and manage them via RM instead. That way you can check the door status and issue a lock/unlock as needed. For example, if the door is closed,wait 1 minute,issue the lock command.

The unfortunate part is that you can't really act on a onetouch command so that will be disabled.

As @gavincampbell points out - one-touch locking has to be disabled/enabled at the lock itself. That feature isn't exposed to any controller (zigbee or z-wave).

Here's the thing: if you disable it at the lock, then you have to enter a PIN each time you want to physically lock the lock.

A non-electronic idea may not be ideal in your situation but if your dog wasn't as well trained and ran away when it got out it would be a great option, you could get a child gate like https://www.amazon.com/Retractable-Durable-Outdoor-Indoor-Safety/dp/B083K5FH6B/ref=sr_1_55?dchild=1&keywords=soft+child+gate&qid=1592317597&sr=8-55 and mount it next to the door, put the hooks on the door with double sided tape and close the gate with you between it and the door so the dog can't follow when you open the door. It would automatically extend as you open the door and contract as you close it keeping taught the whole time.

This is why I like my custom drivers. Zwave parameter 11 on the lock controls the onetouch feature but built in drivers don't expose that. So if somebody wrote a custom driver it can be controlled but still is not the most reliable way to do it.

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Couldn't you create a simple rule that when the lock is locked it checks the door contact sensor to see if it is open and unlock it if so? It wouldn't stop the lock from locking but it would unlock it..