Disable Device Not Working

I wanted to disable a couple devices temporarily. So I clicked the little X box. No problem. Noticed the next day the boxes were no longer clicked. Clicked them again. exited the screen, went back and they were no longer clicked.

(Hope that's the right terminology).

You mean like this?

And then you click somewhere else, then return to the device, and it's unchecked again?

That's exactly it. In doing some more testing, the particular device is a linked device from a second hub, so I'm wondering if that is the reason. I disabled the device on the 2nd hub and it stays, but the first hub still won't stay.

EDIT: That's the issue. I disabled the Hub Mesh and now it sticks. I can work around that.

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Ah ok. If you were disabling the "mirrored" device that would explain it.