Disable All Automations

Is anyone using a "disable all automations" switch to disable all automations on the hub? So if there is a problem with the automations, and you don't have time to troubleshoot, you can just turn all of your rules off until you have time to investigate and repair.

If so, what is the best way to do this? With a virtual switch that is referenced at the beginning of each rule, and if on, exit rule? Or by adding an "Off" mode, and using that in every rule? Or is there a better way?

You might say shut down the hub, but what if I'm away from home and my wife calls and says the kitchen lights keep turning off? With a virtual switch or mode, I can access that from the Hubitat app on my phone.

i would say go with the VS option and have a conditional statement in the beginning of each rule you have "If VS is off (or on, your call), do the actions"


This way if you turn the switch ON to disable the automations, it would skip the automation

If (virtual switch = ON) Exit Rule.

Just one line, and that way I don't have to mess with IF...END in every rule.

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that can work too. i've been too used to using if statements before some rules based on local booleans to prevent multiple instances of a rule running

Still waiting for my hub to arrive, but what i did in ST was to use an additional mode called "Manual" as an master "house switch".
Then in all automations and rules i use it as an condition, as i typically use Home, Away and Night in most rules anyway.

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I do it via a mode. All of my automations are active with the exception of mode “automations off”. It’s a simple mode selection on simple automations and rule. I find it better than a virtual switch and did have a post on this where there were different opinions.

It’s easy to set the mode on your phone for when you are away from the house or create a simple ifttt iOS widget setting the mode to automations off mode which I have on the families phones.

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