Direct to Dashboard

It may already be out there, I’d like to know how to set up an app on my wife’s iphone that goes to a dashboard I made for here and only that dashboard. Basically just her UI. Is there something out there? Thanks

Go to Apps, then Hubitat Dashboard, then open the particular child dashboard you made for your wife. There is a section "Dashboard direct links". Give her the url of the dashboard and have her open it in the web browser on her phone. Then using the browser she can place the shortcut on her home screen. In future she just has to click that. If she needs access to the dashboard while away from home, in the Advanced section in the dashboard child app you can set that - it will be a different link to the local access url.


Does she use the hubitat app?

Using that same url that @Inge_Jones mentioned, you can enable the custom dashboard setting in the app so that the dashboard tab goes directly there. When we transitioned from ST, the interface was the biggest downfall for my wife. She prefers a standalone app vs a browser; (less likely to accidentally open), so we set the custom dashboard url to the cloud link and she can always access her devices.

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