Direct Alexa to trigger and event

Hi everybody. I am not finding any information on this. I may not search correctly. I'll explain. Example Alexa says "You left the kitchen light on for more than 30 minutes,"
That I know how to do but:

I want Alexa to also say "Would you like me to turn it off? " I say yes and she turns off the kitchen light. That, I don't know how to do this.

Thank you.


There are some very capable people here, but since I'm first I'll give you one aapproach.

It's simple to make up an Alexa routine to turn off the kitchen light.
Make the trigger to that routine dependant on you saying "yes". (Also simple)

Basically what is described in the post by @jtmpush18 is correct, but you can't simply say yes. Yes and no are reserved words and can't really be used. You can't say Alexa, yes or no. You can however make a routine called Alexa, Yes please, or affirmative, or some other variation that you like.

Have that routine turn on a virtual switch. So after Alexa announces you left the light on for 30 minutes, shall I turn it off. You then have your RM rule, or webcore piston wait to see if the virtual switch turns on.

This is an example of my goodnight routine. It checks to see if the fan is on and if not Alexa will ask me if I want to turn it on.

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Wow! Thank you jtmpush18 and terminal3 for all the info and example. I will give that a try.

Hello Terminal3. I follow your example but I am stuck on where to find Wait for event: Hubitat Answer Yes - where is that? I don't quite get how the verbal reply "yes please" go from Alexa to Hubitat. A variable? Thank you for your help. Andre

The Habitat Answer yes is a virtual switch. So when I say Alexa Yes please, That starts an Alexa routine that turns on the virtual switch "Hubitat Answer Yes".

You will need to make a routine that turns the switch back off after minute or two. You can't really use the auto off function as the max time is 5 seconds, and you probably need to allow at least 15 seconds to allow the person time to respond. So you can either have the Alexa routine wait however much time and then turn the switch back off, or create a RM rule to do it. That is what I do.

I should mention I also have a Hubitat Answer no switch, but I never really use it. I always just set it so that if the yes switch doesn't turn on in the allotted time I assume the answer is no.


This is a really clever idea! I just put it to work by issuing a warning via alexa that the alarm system is going to arm away, and giving occupants an option to abort if my presence detectors have triggered a false negative,

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It wasn't mine, I started using this technique back on ST in webcore. One of the guys on the webcore forum posted how he was doing it, and I copied it.

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