Dipping my toe in the Lutron pond


I can't believe how addicting the Lutron hardware is... :wink:

I have 14 more dimmers, 5 more switches, and associated Claro wallplates on order. I want to retrofit the second floor of the house to have everything clean, consistent, and working buttery smooth. My wife is going to kill me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Agreed. I have 32 dimmers, 11 switches, and 20 picos. The only reason I stopped was that there aren't any more regular switches to replace, although I still have some picos left over that I'm going to mount on various walls for convenience. :slight_smile:


Me too. The only downfall is the 50 device per bridge limit. I hit that a while ago, so my next step is to buy another bridge.


At least you can, with Hubitat. With ST, 50 (one non-pro bridge per account) is a hard limit.


Well I must say everyone is quite convincing my smart bridge pro is on the way.

If anyone is interested the free shipping code posted still works.


Welcome to the Lutron Addicts club! :wink:

One thing to be wary of... the Caseta Dimmers require non buzzing dimmable bulbs. I have had to replace quite a few CFL bulbs in the process, which I am fine with. I am using Phillips Warm Glow Effect bulbs which are almost buzz-free. There is still a slight buzzing, but you really have to listen for it to hear it.

Of course, most incandescent bulbs are silent, but Iā€™d rather use LED bulbs.

If anyone knows of any buzz-free bulbs, please share!


I've had good luck with Cree bulbs but the Phillips bulbs are much less expensive and, so far, just as good in terms of no buzz and dimming down to quite low.

I had to remove a bunch of no-name LED bulbs that I got from SuperBright LEDs - no fault of theirs really - I was on simple switches when I bought them but they don't dim. I didn't have many CFL bulbs left. They seemed to degrade (losing brightness) over time - long before actually failing. I haven't seen that as much with LEDs.


Philips warm glow bulbs have worked well for me in terms of reducing buzzing. Prior to that I had some cree bulbs in my bedroom that had an annoying buzz when we had the lights turned low at night while watching TV, for example.


One of the few blessings of mild progressive hearing loss is that these have to be very bad and very close to bother me. :slight_smile:


So it arrived. And as I tend to do I jumped in without reading instructions. To my surprise I had button controller controlling my lights via Pico's in about 15 minutes. It was incredibly easy and just worked. Props to the hubitat team as always.

Next adventure. Wire up a dimmer.


"It just works" was what hooked me.