Dipping my toe in the Lutron pond


I tried this tonight and it was slow enough that WAF was an issue. It's not terribly slow but it's different enough than just going straight to the Lutron bridge that she noticed.
All I did was set up one Pico to control one set of lights (all on same circuit / Lutron dimmer) using [RELEASE] Dimmer Button Controller (configure Pico to emulate Hue Dimmer or any button device to easily control lights).
I also tried the same test with the built-in Button Controller and the timing worked out the same.
In both cases, I found the lights start to change in about 1.8 seconds vs about 0.5 seconds using the native Lutron integration. That ~1 second is enough for my wife to notice...
I tried both fast and normal Pico drivers but didn't notice an appreciable difference either way. I realize some latency is to be expected but it didn't sound like it should be very perceptible. Am I expecting too much or is there something I should be investigating that would make this quicker.
If it's about as fast as it'll get then I'll need to investigate using the Picos in other locations but will need to leave these as-is I think unless there's a way to keep the native and "add" behavior on top of it.

Edited to add that i just tried using the button controller on top of native Lutron controls and it actually seems to behave like I’d want. It’s quick to respond and on gets limited by what I set in HE for the first press level.


What bulbs are you using? See if the "transition time" in the driver is set to something annoyingly high (which for me is anything more than about half a second, unfortunately the lowest Hubitat can go without it being zero). Dimmer Button Controller also has a setting for its transition time (and I made it default to zero), but I'm not sure what the interaction is between app settings and device preferences. If you set a level in Dimmer Button Controller rather than a plain "Turn on," it uses setLevel, which obeys some transition time (on/off, I don't think, does, which may be faster).

Of course, none of this matters if you don't even see any changes start until a second or so like you say--I just got annoyed with how long things took to finish with the default settings. The Fast Pico driver would definitely help there, but I know you said you tried (but because the "regular" one waits to verify you didn't do a hold, it's a noticeable difference for me). Something else you might try: assuming logging is on, open up "Logs" and see if your pushes are registered instantly or not. This could help determine if it's the automation or the Pico/integration itself (I, unfortunately, have noticed that some take a few seconds to do anything when pressed for the first time in "a while," the exact time for which I have yet to figure out).


I tried this and noticed HE sees the button press before acting on it (or maybe it is but the Lutron side is slow?).
What I did was create a simple button controller that, upon button 1 press, activated a rule that turned on the switch (not set the dimmer). It looks like it's closer in the logs than the senses perceive it to be:

[dev:549]( 09:12:00.494 pm [info]( Main Lights was turned on
[dev:561]( 09:12:00.483 pm [info]( Pico Kitchen Lights button 1 was released
[dev:513]( 09:12:00.454 pm [info]( DEVICE,6,2,4
[app:407]( 09:12:00.449 pm [info]( Actions run by test
[dev:561]( 09:12:00.349 pm [info]( Pico Kitchen Lights button 1 was pushed
[dev:513]( 09:12:00.306 pm [info]( DEVICE,6,2,3

Probably not a big deal for now... perhaps I'll play more with it when I have more time.


This typically only occurs after a restart of the hub. For most users, this coincides with a firmware upgrade. After the system restarts, all of the groovy code has to be just-in-time loaded/compiled upon first use. So it takes a few seconds for automations the first time after a restart. Afterwards, it should be quick.


FWIW, I’ve been doing more testing and I don’t notice any lag when using Rule Machine directly so I think it’s just related to how things get set up (RM, ABC, etc).


Initial WAF seems good. She likes the way they look. I showed her the dimmer and the Pico and she asked if she could talk it through the Google Home Hub. I demonstrated. This is a positive sign. On to phase 2.


Phase 2: Do a cannonball into the pond.


LOL! I would but I can't afford it. Budget constraints will force me to do a gradual implementation. Darn it!


I'm loving my Lutron. Good luck!


I'm going to have to start dipping my toes into this pond too....suggestion on a good place to start with the Lutron gear? Hub? Switches? Right now I need at minimum 2 switches for my master bath remodel. I know I need the pro hub. Do they sell packages? Suggestions?

I've read some suggestions to stick with the PD-5NE-WH switches because of bulb compatibility.


You'll need the Smartbridge Pro version. As far as I know, the big box stores don't sell them (they do sell the standard bridge, which won't work). I ordered from energyavenue.com and got it quick. Oh, I just re-read your post and see you know about the Pro already, but I'll leave this up in case anyone else reads it.

Beyond that, EA has good prices on Lutron gear. I've had good luck getting Home Depot to price match EA, which is awesome because I have a HD less than a mile from my house.

Also had good luck buying used Lutron gear from other members here on the forum, but be warned....I'm still buying stuff so if something pops up, I'll race you to be first in line :rofl::rofl::rofl:


What are my negatives with the Caseta line. I'm doing my online research and I'm seeing things like initial start up will always be 100% brightness vs last on. And not so great compatibility with LED lights and dimming. AKA short list of supported bulbs. But that the switch listed above PD-5NE-WH doesn't have those problems. Have you run into any of this? I just want to make sure I know what I'm getting myself into.


The dimmers have both on/off and level up/down buttons. If you want a light to turn on at a lower level, you can just push level up instead of on until you get to the desired brightness. If using digital commands, just do a setlevel instead of on. So this has been a non-issue for me.

In regards to the LED compatibility, there's a lot more compatible than what's on the official list, those are just the ones Lutron has tested. I have a mix of several different LED brands, and the only ones that I've had issues with are some Chinese Edison-style bulbs from Amazon in our dining room chandelier. I replaced with Philips brand Edison-style bulbs and they are fine now. Of course, that's using a dimmer without a neutral. The switches I've bought have been a mix of neutral and non-neutral, can't remember offhand which I installed where, but I haven't had any switch problems, just the one dimmer.


That's very helpful...do you happen to know "which" dimmers you have?

I think I'm going to do my toe also and my first route is going to be a 3 way setup.


Pretty sure they are all PD-6WCL-WH. Switches have been a mix of the 5 amp neutral, 6 amp neutral, and non-neutral, depending on whether I got them from EA, HD, or used on the forum.

3 ways are super easy with a Pico. I haven't done any hard-wired 3-way since the Pico method is cheaper and easier.

If you are getting Picos, they only cost about $5 if you get them packaged with a dimmer. If you buy them separately, they are around $13. So keep that in mind if you plan to get a few Picos and dimmers, you can save a few bucks buying them together.


I have no neutral wires in my switch boxes, so I use these dimmers, and the PD-5ws-dv switches. With a mix of cree, feit and Phillips warm glow LED bulbs, I haven’t really had any major issues. The cree bulbs can buzz a little when dimmed, which was only noticeable in the bedroom. Swapping them for Phillips warm glow bulbs solved that.


"Lutron - P-PKG1W-WH - Wireless In Wall Dimmer and Remote" is the Dimmer and Pico package - $47.06 from Energy Avenue.

This package contains the following:

(1) PD-6WCL-WH
(1) PJ2-3BRL-WH-L01R
(1) CW-1-WH (Claro wallplate)


Those Claro wall plates sure are nice. I wasn't planning on upgrading my plates but they look so good I had to do that too :rofl:

Here's a before and after....or after and before, going left to right...


That's the first thing my wife commented on when she saw the first one!


Crap, that is honestly like 120 seconds too late.... I just ordered from there and was looking for that...well wait...actually i think you posted this well before I ordered and I didn't look here first... I just bought two dimmers and two picos...plus the Pro hub and a few of the higher end dimmers for my bathroom.

Consider toe dipped.... $300+ dollars later....