Dimming to zero vs dim level 0%

To turn off a dimmer device, does it matter in a rule if one specifies it as a switch set to OFF or setting the dimmer level to 0%?

I would use the off command, if available. That way, sending the on command would restore the previous dim level.


I have experienced devices that struggle with 0%. Regretfully, I did not keep a list of which ones required an OFF command to behave properly and report state properly.

I believe another potential problem with dimming to 0% is that devices that remember the last dim level (GE/Jasco and others I'm sure) appear to be unresponsive when the top of the paddle is pressed to turn the lights on. Instead, you'd need to press and hold the top of the paddle to raise the dim level.


This for sure. My wife was not complimentary the day this nuanced difference was discovered.

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