Dimming Low Voltage Outdoor Lights

I have low voltage outdoor wall lights that are too bright. When they were installed I used a Zooz dimmer switch to control them, and it worked initially. But the switch was very hot, and recently failed... it no longer turns the lights on/off. Zooz tells me their dimmer switches are not rated for use with a low voltage transformer.

The transformer outputs 12VAC. I am in the US.

I am now looking for another solution.

I do not need to easily change the level of the lighting, or even control it from the hub ... once I get the right level I just need to switch them on/off via the hub.

I see various low voltage smart dimmers but they take 12 VDC, not AC. The outdoor lights are capable of taking 12VDC or AC.


  1. Replace the transformer (it's in the basement) with one that outputs 12VDC, use an on/off switch for the 120VAC to it, and put a 12VDC dimmer on the transformer output to the outside lights.

  2. Find a smart switch capable of driving a transformer. Which one?

  3. Use a smart fan speed control switch on low, e.g., GE Jasco ZW4002 (is it compatible with a low voltage transformer? seems a bit risky, but I could try it)

The easiest solution is a switch that can drive the transformer, but I don't see many explicitly rated for that purpose. (Lutron says something about it, but I don't have any Lutron devices now.)

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


Or buy something like Twinkly outdoor lights which are inherently dimmable.