Dimming Low Voltage LED strips from 240v dimmer switch

I have just had an house extension completed, I asked the electrician to use 47mm boxes for all the light switches and add 240v switch wires back to a central location where I intend to install all the LED drivers and any additional Smart Switches that aren't located in the light switch. The lighting in each room is a combination of traditional 240V ceiling lights and 24v COB LED strips in the skirting boards.

I would like two gang light switches in each room ideally both being retractive (momentory 3 wire), one controlling the ceiling lights and one controlling the skirtingboard lights. To confirm these are standard light switches (Corston) not smart switches. The lights / dimming would hopefully work with single click up / down for on / off and holding up / down for dimmer adjustment.

For the the ceiling lights I am using Fibraro Dimmer 2 with bypass which works fine.
The 24v skirtingboard lights I am unable to figure out how I can do this. The options I've considered are

  1. Fibraro Dimmer 2 with the HE hub controlling a Zibee LED driver / controller through software. Problem is the module needs to have a load connected to work.
  2. Using a Fibraro Smart Implant, hower this has to be powered by low voltage which is not available at the light switch.

Has anyone done anything similar? Am I missing something obvious? I guess a mains power dimmer module that does not need a load connected would work but I can't find any and don't know if they exist...?

What I did to drive 12 V LED strips for under cabinet lighting is get one of these TRIAC dimmers, and a power supply to go with it. I'm in the US, so 120 VAC. But it works with a range of voltages.

It takes the output of a dimmer made for "mains" voltage lighting, and converts it to a low voltage dimmer output. So, you just use readily available smart dimmers. Works great.