Dimming Hue and Caseta together

The main light in my kitchen is controlled with a Caseta dimmer. I recently installed two plug in swag pendant lights over the breakfast bar and put Hue bulbs in them, paired with their own Hue hub.

I can trigger them to turn on and off with the main kitchen light via a Simple Automation rule, but is there a way to have them dim with the main light as well? It seems like I can only "turn on and set level" but not match the level of another dimmer.

I'm using the CoCoHue app for the Hubitat <-> Hue integration.

Any help would be appreciated, especially as I will be adding under cabinet Hue LED strip lighting tomorrow.

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You can get more complicated with a Rule Machine rule or other setup, but I'd suggest starting with the Mirror app for this, using the Caséta dimmer as the "primary" device:


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Thank you! That's pretty much what I need.

Do you know if there's any way to speed up the mirror? Dimming the Caseta results in the Hue dimming about a second later.

I don't use Caséta dimmers so can't check this for sure, but I'd guess that it probably only sends the new level to Hubitat after it's done dimming, not during. Maybe someone who uses it knows if there are any other options (I'm not aware of any).

I should share with you my favorite solution, which also works with Caséta: Pico Remotes. I use these to dim (or turn on/off, change color temperature, etc.) lots of Hue lights around my house, among other uses, and they're great! However, there may be some delay going from a Pico to Hubitat back to the Caséta dimmer, i.e., Lutron-to-Lutron with the hub as an intermediary: Radio RA2 /Hubitat best practices form the start - #9 by bravenel. But you should be able to set up the Pico in Caséta to control the dimmer directly, all via Lutron, then save the Hue part for Hubitat. However, that might be awkward unless you always use the Pico instead of the actual Caséta dimmer. But, again, maybe someone else will have other ideas.

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