Dimming Fade - What am i doing wrong?

Hi all. I have a hue switch (linked direct to HE) and some hue and ikea bulbs connected to the HUe bridge, using the inbuilt driver. Also some Ikea outlets paired direct to HE. I am beginner here so still learning.

I have used Rule Machine to link the switch to two Ikea Outlets (which are lamps), and two dimmable ikea bulbs. When i hit my 'on' button i have the lamps fading up to 100% over 10 seconds, this works great and if i change the time duration all is well:

However when i hit my off button, they turn straight off and no amount of fiddling with the numbers seems to change that:

Any pointers as to where i am going wrong would be great!

Immediately following my own post :sweat_smile:

I've noticed that on the 'off' case, if i change the level to '1' rather than '0', then the fade timer works fine. However the bulbs don't turn off then of course...

You might not be doing anything wrong; this should just be a matter of how your devices respond to a "Set Level" command with values of 0 (for the level) and 30 (for the transition time). You can test this on the device page: go to one (or both) of your bulbs, look for the "Set Level" command in the list at the top, and type in these values for the level and transition time. Then, click the button to run the command, and observe what the lights do. A level of "0" is a bit of an odd case, as some drivers will just "short circuit" anything special here and call off() (or do the equivalent) directly, which might disregard a transition time (the off() command itself does not take one; some drivers have a preference for this you can use to adjust all such commands, however, like the new Advanced Zigbee Bulb drivers).

In your case, I'm guessing you'll find that any "Set Level" to 0% ignores whatever transition time. If you're using a Generic Zigbee Bulb driver, you might have better luck with the corresponding "Advanced Zigbee..." driver, or vice versa. (You might also like one better for other reasons.) If nothing else, the workaround you found should work: dim to 1%, which you know works with a delay, then turn off after that delay. You could do that in your second rule by adding two actions to the end: Wait for event: elapsed time --> 0:00:30 and Off: Office Globe R, Office Globe L. A workaround, but it should at least work.

@bertabcd1234 apologies for going missing on my own thread - usually Friday nights are my only chance to play around with the tech and the last few weeks i have had to work.

I have solved it like the attached pic which uses the same principle i think as you are suggesting? It works well enough but let me know if would cause any problems i cant immediately see. Thanks for you help!

I suppose I should have mentioned that if you turn the bulb on in the future (via a plain "On" command), then it will turn back on to the last level by default, which in your case would be 1%. You will probably be best to use "Set Level" to your desired level (100% or whatever) to turn it on in that case (a "Set Level" will also turn the bulb on if it's currently off, at least under standard behavior). This could be a non-issue for you or something you've already figured out, but I thought I'd mention it just in case.

Otherwise, that's exactly what I was thinking and don't see it causing any problems, so hopefully it works for your use! Sounds like it is so far.

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