Dimming a Phillips Hue light to level 1 does not update the current state


Dimming a Phillips Hue light (or light group) to level 1 works (dims lights) but does not update the current state , even after waiting the 1 minute polling status of the hue bridge. Android Hue app reports state correctly. Setting to some other dim level such as 5 updates immediately as expected in hubitat device status.

Steps to recreate:

  1. Set hue bulb to level 70 on device status page

  2. Note, status updates to 70 as expected

  3. Make a rule in rule machine with an action (dimmer), Dim: hue bulb, level 1, fade 1.

  4. Note bulb dims

  5. Note device status erroneously still reports 70 (evening if you wait well over the hue bridge polling period)

  6. Update rule to dim to level 5, run actions.

  7. Note device status reports 5 as expected

This is probably a rounding error, does a level of 2 work as expected?

Yes, level 2 seems to work ...however another strange set of behaviors makes me me think it may not be consistent:

  1. when setting the level from the android hue app, sometimes the level is reported by hubitat as the level set +1. This seemed to only be the case for levels less than 5.
    2.sometimes when setting level to 1 from the android hue app, hubitat never updates status