Dimmers Randomly Freeze

No, the non-upgradable version is 7.11 .

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Ok, the firmware is now updated to 7.18. Thanks @jtp10181 for the suggestions and assistance. Now we wait and see if the lock-ups stop.

Here's my C7 report now:

VersionReport(zWaveLibraryType:7, zWaveProtocolVersion:7, zWaveProtocolSubVersion:18, firmware0Version:7, firmware0SubVersion:18, hardwareVersion:1, firmwareTargets:1, targetVersions:[[target:1, version:7, subVersion:15]])

Not sure why the target subVersion is showing 15. The target SubVersion was 18 before the update. I hope that's inconsequential.

Now that you got the FW updated the last step is to force the ZIP Gateway back to current version.


Run that until it says it is already updated then reboot and check it again to be sure it took and stayed.

Welcome to real Z-wave, you should notice a huge improvement. That old <7.18 firmware was TERRIBLE! It was night and day difference for me back when I updated.


Okay, it now reads exactly as yours, with target subversion also 7.18. Will wait and see if the lock-ups stop. Curious, what other ZWave issues did the 7.18 firmware update resolve?

Thanks agains for your help! If this actually solves the problem it will be quite the miracle! Based on my original post of the Inovelli forum dicussion, even Inovelli doesn't seem to have figured out why their switches are locking up. Fingers crossed!

I think the main thing was issues with Acks and routing, Acks getting lost or not sent, something like that. It caused a lot of extra mesh traffic and re-routing, making everything very unreliable overall. I remember thinking Z-wave was terrible and there was something wrong with my hub or devices and then the 7.18 firmware make it work like I expected it should.

Also, if it does work, which I really think it will, you should let Inovelli know in case any one else has the same issue on a C7. Unfortunately the firmware updates were not very well publicized on the hub UI itself so unless people diligently read the release notes at the time these updates came out they would have no idea to even look for the separate update button and click on it.

With how much it improved the experience I really feel like the hub should be alerting people of the update, I feel bad for everyone out there with a C7 and struggling with the old crappy z-wave firmware.

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Interesting you say that, because there are some devices with a ridiculous amount of rerouting, and there has always seemed to be a lot of extraneous mesh traffic. In fairness, I have over 100 devices and a lot of automations, but it still always has seemed a bit sluggish on a number of devices. The problem is now that I probably won't know if this worked for at least a month, becuase the freezing is so sporadic and random. In any case, I already planned on letting Inovelli know about this potential fix. I actually bought a C8 hub, which I was going to upgrade to, but haven't gotten around to it yet, as I'm terrified that the transition may screw everything up, so I think I'll leave well enough alone. Thanks again, and here's hoping there are no more lock-ups! I'll post an update on this next month (or sooner if they still lock up).

They key will be not to wipe the C7 to hastily. Do the migration and shut the C7 off and dont touch it for a few weeks. If anything goes sideways you can plug it back and switch back to it pretty easily.

Should be no fear in migrating, it usually goes very smooth.

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Thanks for the tip. The big reason I've held off is that I'm moving next year, and don't think it's worth the bother.

On that note, and sorry that this is a completely different issue, but since I'll be moving, do you have any brilliant tips on how to transfer my C7 system to a new "owner"?

Ai yai yai. (sp?)
With 100 devices?

Do you plan to leave all the devices and want to hand the hub over as you have set it up already? Or do you want to just wipe it and give them a clean slate?

To hand it over as-is I have seen people making a special email account for the "home" and transferring any services you will leave in the home to that email (so transfer the admin account on the hub to that). Document all the logins and passwords for that email and attached services. Hand it all over to the new owners and then they can change passwords or whatever they want from there.

I'm leaving most of the devices (most are built-in switches, blinds, etc.), so your idea is a great one!

Thanks again.