Dimmers for LED lights?

i am a Crestron CSP
i have some Crestron dimmers in my house that don't handle LED's well
Crestron dimmers are expensive
i purchased a C8 Hub after reading Jay Basen's articles & downloaded his code from github
now i need a few dimmers
what should i be looking at?
the real problem ones i have don't have a neutral in the box

as i said Crestron guy, haven't looked outside their ecosystem in a long time

looking at learning something new
once i get the dimmers going, i can move on the garage opener etc


My two go-to dimmers are:

  1. Inovelli (They have had supply issues, but this is getting better).
  2. Lutron Caseta (Requires the Lutron Caseta Pro 2 hub)

Both these options can run without a neutral wire.

Inovelli provides a ton of features and has worked extremely well for me. They can be purchased from their web site (Inovelli.com) and sometimes are also available on other web retailers.
Lutron is extremely solid and typically can be purchased at local hardware (ex.: Home Depot) and electric suppliers as well as on Amazon.com. Where I live, their Pro hub can not be found at local hardware stores.


The most interesting product to me is the Inovelli Blue 2 in 1 Zigbee switch series. I've found Zigbee much more reliable than Z-Wave, and Inovelli says they'll have a pathway to Matter so if / when that takes off (and I personally believe it will), you have some future protection. Plus, I think they look the best. But as you noted, supply chain is an issue and their web site indicates a current delay of several months for new orders.


does anyone make a dimmer/keypad like Crestron where i can have buttons for other functions, & one is the dimmer?

Lutron. Also you get to use picos!!!

The Inovelli’s can use multi tap. A single tap functions as normal, a double tap sets a scene, a triple tap sets another scene, and so on. Since you are connecting to Hubitat the options are endless.

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This is less true than it used to be. The new Diva (Claro, whatever) Light/Fan switch for Caseta does actually need a neutral. (but the dimmer still does not)

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