Dimmer switch with smart windows

Hi new here but I know I will be getting a hubitat in the future. My question is about whether anyone has experience with controlling smart windows (varioglass privacy) using hubitat. I am leaning toward using the GE Zwave+ dimmer or the Levitron DZ6HD. Anyone have any experience with either of those and the hubitat or smart windows in general? I figure I will probably have about 20 smart dimmers in a 2000sqft house so should have a pretty good network for connecting?

Also anyone know what the heck is the difference between GE 14294 vs GE 14291 besides one saying enbrighten?


The new embrighten models are considerably shallower than any other switch or dimmer.
1.2 inches vs 1.4 for a specific Leviton model vs 1.5 and higher for everyone else.
It might not sound like much but three tenths of an inch can make a huge difference in a crowded box.

Ah I never thought of that thank you.

Did you ever get your home set up with it all? I just received a sample of Vario Glass (NOT to do more than try it out though). Hopefully within the next week I can try it with a dimmer or two to see how well it works.

No I haven't even built the house yet lol. Break ground in a week. I have decided to go with Lutron Caseta though for the dimmers around the house.