Dimmer not responding to RL

Seems pretty simple to me in RL. For the "OUTSIDE LIGHTS" group which is just a single motion light and a single switched light. Both are dumb bulbs using their own GE dimmers.

Per the attached screenshot:
Evening=100% for both
Night=15% for the porch light.
*I have a basic rule to go full bright on the porch while the front door is open at night.
I accept that "99" must be as close to 100 as I'm going to get because even when typing in "100" the dang thing always ends up back on 99 again as shown in the screenshot...

  1. My mode manager governs day/evening/night modes accurately

  2. I can trigger the motion light during evening/night just fine by walking in front of it

  3. PROBLEM: The porch light I have to turn on/off with the physical switch: night dimming works automatically as it should

Although the screenshot shows front porch (currently EVENING) ON99 the light is actually OFF.

So why does the porch light not respond to lighting changes? Going on a week or so hoping it would sort itself out...

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