Dim Light After Night Mode


I have a rule that runs after night mode is active which dims down the lights and turns them off. However on the odd occasion we may need to turn the light back on. When we turn it on its a full brightness. I tried making this rule to dim it down once its turned back on but no such luck.

IF (Mode is Night(F) [FALSE]) THEN
IF (Emmas lamp(off) is on(F) [FALSE]) THEN
Dim: Emmas lamp: 25

trigger is lamp changed, any ideas?

Looks like it should work, but it could be simpler. Turn on logging and it should show you why it didn't. You might also try simple automation rules. It could set that up pretty easy.

If using RM I would suggest.

Set your predicate to night mode.

Set trigger to lamp turning on

Then the action only need be to set the lamp dim level to 25.

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