Dim after x minutes, only if on

I’ve got two triggers.

  1. I arrive, dim light to 75
  2. condition: above trigger, action: delay 10 mins and dim to 10

Today my eyes were beat when I got in, so I turned the light off. Ten mins later it came back on, which i guess makes sense with the current setup.

What’s the best approach for preventing that from happening? I’m thinking my 2nd trigger maybe needs to become a rule?

I'm confused on the above trigger being a rule part. Post screenshots of what you have set up.

I'd add a 3rd trigger that says if the light turns off, stop actions of the 2nd trigger. I don't see how you can make the 2nd one a rule since the device you want to run the rule is different than the device you want to have cancel the delayed dim.

That should work, seems messy though so want to be sure I wasn’t missing some cleaner approach

If it works it works, rules are free :slight_smile:

Nothing is free! If a 3rd rule costs me additional troubleshooting down the line I’ve paid for it. I joke of course, but I’m surely not alone in wanting to keep things as simple as possible.

I love simplicity too. However it might be a good idea to use a virtual switch that turns on when you arrive home. You would set the "enable auto-off" for 5 seconds.

You would keep your first rule and your arrival would turn on the virtual switch. The second trigger-rule would then be trigger based on the virtual-switch turning on. You would leave the Actions the same.

Since the switch turns off after 5 seconds (or whatever time you set), you can turn the Chandelier off and back on without activating the dimming.

Hm, if the 2nd rule is triggered with the virtual switch going on from arrival, wouldn't the delayed dim in ten minutes still occur?

Update: After thinking about what destructure00 said, I changed the second rule from a trigger to a condition.

Everything should happen the same as it is now. The only difference is you now have something that will ensure that this dimming only happens on arrival and not when you happen to turn the chandelier on.

So the first rule would be:

  • Trigger
    • Arrival
  • Actions
    • Turn on virtual switch
    • Dim: Chandelier: 75

Second rule would be

  • Conditional Rule
    • Virtual switch turn on
  • Actions
    • Delay by 10 minutes
    • Dim: Chandelier: 20

The virtual switch will "reset" by turning off after 5 seconds (or how ever long you set it for). Does this help?

This is a solution in search of a problem...nothing in his current setup will make the chandelier dim when he turns it on.

I thought the problem was that he turned off the chandelier and then 10 minutes later it turned on (I'm guessing to a setting of 20). I didn't catch the other trigger in the second rule. So, you do have a great point. What is the other trigger that is setting of the chandelier?

By putting in a virtual switch, then he can turn the chandelier off and it won't turn on in 10 minutes. I think it could accomplish it the same way as you suggested with a 3rd trigger. Just offering a different option.

The issue is that when someone arrives home, trigger 2 schedules a dim action for 10 minutes in the future. If he turns the chandelier off during the 10 minute window between arrival and dim, the scheduled dim action turns the chandelier back on.

What needs to happen is that the scheduled dim action needs to be canceled if the chandelier turns off.

Your updated post above will get him the same result he has now. The only difference between what you have and the original post is the triggering mechanism. Actions are still the same.

Agreed. I didn't account for the second trigger.

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Thanks for the ideas @destructure00 and @homeauto2112, going with the 3rd trigger to stop action for now.

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