Different S2 Levels

Can you please direct me to some documentation on what S2 Levels mean?
Also, what's your recommendation for door locks?

There is none (from Hubitat, I should clarify -- SiLabs certainly would, though not for the same audience). They all offer effectively equal security during use, and which you can use is up to the device. Any door lock with S2 will require S2 Access Control and will likely not function if you skip security.

Beyond that, you don't need to know much, as once you choose secure inclusion, the hub will negotiate the highest possible grant and prompt you for anything it needs (specifiically, the DSK if S2 Authenticated or Access Control).


The different S2 level are just groups. I know that direct associations will not work unless devices are in the same group, so I suspect this is an effort to isolate access control devices into their own group for added security against attacks.

Here is article I had read about it a while back when I saw my lock was Access Control, this explained it good enough for me.