Different Lighting Behaviour (different actors/triggers) between Modes


I am completely new to Hubitat (started yesterday) and would like to automate my kitchen lights.

What I have:
2 Sets of LEDs in/under the cupboards to illuminate the countertops
1 Main Ceiling Lamp in the Kitchen
2 Fibaro Motion Sensors

The Ceiling Lamp is connected to a Fibaro Switch module which in turn is connected to a wall switch, the LEDs are connected to Fibaro Dimmers which are not connected to any physical switches.

What I would like to automate:
During Evening/Night (Mode Night set from Sunset to Sunrise) all Lamps turn on when motion is detected or the Wall Switch is pressed and turn off when either no motion is detected for 1 minute or the Wall Switch is pressed (Wall Switch is not smart so the trigger is "Fibaro Switch" = off ).

During the Day (Mode = Sunrise to Sunset) I want all Lamps/LEDs to turn on, when the Wall Switch is pressed and off when either the Wall Switch is pressed or 1 minute with no motion detected has passed.

Except for the last paragraph I have managed to implement the desired automation.

So essentially, the only difference between day and night is that during the night, the motion sensors can also switch the lights on.

Hi, I just realised, I could simply make one Room Lighting Scene for Day and one for Night... will try that. Is that the way to go or will that put more "strain" on the Hubitat (which I guess wouldn´t matter right now, but once you have lots of automations, it might)?

Still having trouble with my Day Scene. This it what it looks like

The Lights are not turning off even though both Motion Sensors have been inactive for more than a minute.

I had a look at the Log and I think the problem might be that neither of the Motion Sensors detected motion in the first place since the Switch is situated outside the kitchen, so if I do not go into the kitchen after pressing the switch, they won´t show activity.

Here´s the log :

Looked around a little more and found this Post:


I have since turned on the option "Turn Off even if already partially off", but it doesn´t seem to be working

If I go into the kitchen after pressing the switch, everything works as it should, I get the message in the log about switching off in 1 minute and then it happens. But if I don´t, no message and the lights stay on.

I looked some more around the above mentioned post and found this :

[jtp10181] (Hubitat) I added the indicator setting "Indicator for Group All On", so far looks like this is the key for the app to take action on the means to turn off. I got the log saying the Off was scheduled. Not sure if this is your intended behavior or not.

I do not understand what is meant here. Where is this indicator setting and does it apply to my problem?

Hm.. I seem to have overlooked the most crucial tip... I added the "Elapsed Time from last activation" to Means to Turn Off and now it seems to be working as intended

Spoken too soon, now it turns off after 1 minute regardless if motion is detected (I don´t see a motion detection in the log, but the Status of the sensor shows active)

By adding "Limit Turning Off under These Conditions: Motion Sensors are active", I got the thing working

Thanks to jtp10181 for the solution presented in : https://community.hubitat.com/t/room-lighting-motion-sensor/116217/9

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