Did I Kill my Hub?

So, I waited to see that others had luck first, then installed the latest update...so I thought. Now I cannot communicate with the hub. My network sees it, but I cannot connect via webpage or cell phone. Any secret tricks to trey, or do I wait until Monday for a reply from Tech Support?

Thanks in advance!!!


Four questions:

  1. Does your hub have a fixed/reserved IP address?
  2. Can you see it at portal.hubitat.com?
  3. What is the color of the LED?
  4. If you are certain of the IP address, can you reach it at http://ip.ad.re.ss:8081?

Off topic but for some odd reason, that's the first time I've seen dotted-quad spelled out.. I love it and have concluded that I should use it for the rest of my life. :smiley: :smiley:


First of all, THANK YOU! for the (very fast) response! It is GREATLY appreciated! I did reserve the IP addy and when I log onto my router, it shows the hub is connected to this address. When OI tried to access the WEB UI, it told me the connection was refused...did not notice this before.

  1. Does your hub have a fixed/reserved IP address? Yes.

  2. Can you see it at portal.hubitat.com ? YES!!! Will not do anything else
    until I hear back (I never thought to try this...)

  3. What is the color of the LED? It is Blue

  4. If you are certain of the IP address, can you reach it at [http://ip.ad.re.ss:8081] YES!!!

WOW!!! I feel better already! LOL I will not proceed with anything until I hear back...

Again, my deepest thanks!!!


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Which model hub do you have? A C5 or C7 hub needs to be GREEN in order to connect to normal Hubitat hub web pages. A C3 or C4 will be blue...

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I have a C7 Hub...but I'm fairly certain it has always been Blue (Unless I'm too damned old to remember correctly)? LOL I know the Smartthings Hub is green (Version 2 anyway).

Thank you!


Probably the safest next step is to reach out to support@hubitat.com to create a support ticket that @bobbyD can help with.


Thank you, I did that...I was hoping to get it working again before Monday, but I did it, so if I have to, I will wait. Thanks again for the help!



And you hopefully will :slight_smile: If you didn't do so already, you said you can reach the Diagnostic Tool, can you perform a Soft Reset, restoring one of the recent backups by following instructions in below document:



On it now! Thanks!



Well...I got an unknown error occurred

Okay, it says it rolled back to the previous version successfully, but it still refuses the connection.

Please see my PM.


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