Diagnostic Tool - remote login?

I''m a basic user, new to HE and still learning. Is the diagnostic tool available via remote login, as all I get is a hanging blank page (Safari, Chrome and Firefox). This tool worked fine through the LAN when I ran a couple of soft resets., but now I'm accessing via the subscribed remote login it fails to connect.

I've set up a static IP (DHCP) and access to other aspects of HE work fine remotely. Any help or advice welcomed.

Do you mean is diagnostics tool is accessible through remote admin subscription?

Yes.I'd like to run a soft rest remotely through the Remote Admin sub.

There is no way to access diagnostics tool through remote admin right now, however there is a workaround to do a soft reset. Once connected to https://remoteaccess.aws.hubitat.com/ and the connected to the hub, go to https://remoteaccess.aws.hubitat.com/brokenDatabase. There is a soft reset button on that screen.